Speech Sampler: Research Data Standardization Tool

Speech Sampler Screenshot

Contributor: Jamie L. Perry, PhD, CCC-SLP

A speech sampler was developed and piloted to standardize between research sites the process for collecting speech data and intra-oral observations. The speech sampler developed is a computer program that runs on a personal computer and walks through a series of screens that include: the collection of demographic data (patient age and sex), the collection of data related to an intraoral examination to record any presence of abnormalities in the oral cavity that could impact speech; the collection of speech recordings which involve a neutral dialect speaker repeating the Americleft Speech Stimuli and visual prompts for the child to repeat each speech stimuli while the computer simultaneously records and stores the child’s speech; and lastly there is a display movie that was specifically designed for pediatric speech MRI (clinical or research). Using published child behavioral adaptations, the training portion of the video also helps provide a visual for what to expect in the MRI. The goals and benefits of this are as follows: 1. Create a standardized means to present speech stimuli using dialect neutral speaker to a child while simultaneously recording the speech. 2. Create a standard way of collecting demographic data, oral mech data, and speech data and automating the collection and storage of data into a coded or patient id (medical number) in a file (destination chosen by the examiner). 3. Removes the need for this standard testing to be performed by a speech-language pathologist (standard method) and allows it to be collected by any person and then later examined by the SLP.

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Platform: Downloadable Software

Size: 161 MB

Language: English

Upload Date: January 2021

Last Update: January 2021

Version: 1.0


Minimum system requirements

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit (The current version of the software does not work with Mac Operating Systems)

Display resolution: 1920×1080

Processor (CPU): Intel Core i3 or higher (i5 or i7) OR AMD Ryzen 5 or higher (Ryzen 7)

Memory (RAM): 8 GB

Storage: Solid state drive with at least 30 GB free (for saving video recordings)

Webcam: 720p (integrated or USB external for desktop)

Microphone: Can be integrated with webcam, or USB external

Speakers: Can be integrated or external USB port: For data transfer/backup in absence of Internet connection

Software: Microsoft Office (to open spreadsheet/CSV data) Software: PowerShell 5.1

It is highly recommended that you read the installation and use guide prior to purchasing the software.