Kilcolman Castle VR

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Contributor: Dr. Tom Herron and Doug Barnum

Welcome to Kilcolman Castle, Co. Cork. This Virtual Reality App is based on a real ruin of an early 15th-century Irish castle compound that was added to in following centuries. It consists of a multi-story towerhouse (on your right as you enter the inner “bawn” or courtyard) attached to a great hall and parlor (on your left as you enter the inner “bawn” or courtyard). The buildings are filled with the kind of objects that would have been present at the time that its most famous occupant, the poet Edmund Spenser, was owner.

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Experience: Explore Kilcolman Castle using Virtual Reality

Contributor: Dr. Thomas Herron and Doug Barum.


Platform: Direct Download and Install

Size: 154,246 KB

Language: English

Upload Date: March 8, 2019

Last Update: March 8, 2019

Version: 1.0


Internet Connection Needed: Yes to download. No to Access the Content

Platform Requirement: Android

Suggested Devices: Google Cardboard Type Headsets or Gear VR