TDAC: Technology Decision Assessment Companion

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Contributor: Office of Technology Transfer

Technology Decision Assessment Companion (TDAC) is a series of electronic check-lists designed to assist inventors, patent committee members and technology transfer staff in assessing inventions. TDAC is meant to serve as a guide to facilitate evaluation of: Prior Art, Market, Team Members, Research and Development, Funding and Data Collection.

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Contributor: Office of Technology Transfer

Overview: Risk assessment tool for early stage technologies. Tool is educational and should be used to help learn about different aspects that may or may not impact the development of an idea or concept.


Platform: Web

Size: 5.94 MB

Language: English

Upload Date: May 2018

Last Update: May 2018

Version: 1.0


Internet Connection Needed: Yes

Browser Requirement: Firefox 46.0.1 or Safari 5.1.7

Suggested Devices: Personal Computer, Tablet or Mobile Device