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Contributor: Dr. Joseph Kalinowski

One of the most difficult things for a person who stutters to do is to initiate speech. "Tandem Talk" helps reduce the problems caused by blocks on voice initiations. By listening to the signals (vowel combinations) when beginning to speak, blocks should either be reduced or eliminated allowing for voice initiation. In addition, "Tandem Talk" will help to inhibit stuttering throughout your utterance(s). This will facilitate usage of fluency techniques or fluency aid devices. "Tandem Talk" can be used in three different ways: through the speaker on your phone, through ear buds that are connected to your phone or through a wireless enabled listening device. Regardless of which of the above methods you choose, just select your desired vowel combinations and speak while listening to these presented signals. Research, studying the inhibition of stuttering via external speech signals, has been conducted and shown to reduce stuttering. When people who stutter are presented with vowel combinations while speaking, their stuttering is reduced. If you would like to read about the effectiveness of this method, we have provided, below, the research article. Kalinowski, J., Dayalu, V. N., Stuart, A., Rastatter, M. P., & Rami, M. K. (2000). Stutter-free and stutter-filled speech signals and their role in stuttering amelioration for English speaking adults. Neuroscience Letters, 293(2), 115-118.

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Vowel Sound Combinations: Nine Seperate Vowel Sound Combination

Contributor: Joseph Kalinoswki, PhD and Andrew Stuart, PhD.


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