Income Distribution


Service Fee

All revenue received from fee based Digital Market products will be subjected to a 10% service fee. Service fees will not apply to products that have generated more than $1,000 in revenue. Service fees include hosting charges, administration oversight, etc.. Digital Market products that are listed for free will not incur a service fee provided 1) the total file size does not exceed 5 MB, there are not more than 10 downloads in a single calendar month and there is space available to host the content. Content that does not meet the aforementioned criteria may be subjected to a single flat rate service fee to help recover any administration and hosting fees.


Development Charge

Digital Market products that were developed using Technology Transfer personnel or resources will be subjected to an additional 20% development fee until $1,000 is received in revenue. Development fees will be used to enhance Digital Market capabilities and resources for contributors. Development fees will not apply to document conversions (ie. word document to pdf), content review, content uploads or content updates. Development fees will apply to the life of the digital content.

Income Distribution

 At the end of each financial period, Digital Market personnel will calculate the total amount of revenue that each product has earned. After subtracting any service or development fees, the remaining amount will follow the University Income Distribution Policy:

First $1,000: 100% to Inventor(s);

After $1,000: 50% to Inventor(s), 15% to Department(s), 5% to School / College(s), 25% to Invention Management Fund, 5% to Division of Research & Graduate Studies;