Education in Healthcare Professions Institute (EHPI) Site License and Courses

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Contributor: Dr. Steven Schmidt and Dr. Jo Anne Murray

Education in Healthcare Professions Institute (EHPI) offers courses in adult education principles and practice to faculty members who are subject matter experts in healthcare-related fields to improve their teaching practice. Subjects include adult learning principles, instructional methods, evaluation, assessment, and other topics related to teaching in healthcare professions.

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3 Year Site License: $1,000

Single 30 Day Course: $100 Per Seat

Course titles:

1.  Orientation to Education in Healthcare Professions

2.  Develop an Effective Learning Environment

3.  Learning Styles/Adult Learning

4.  Course Planning

5.  Course Delivery Methods

6.  Problem-Based Learning/Case-Based Learning

7.  Teaching Motor Skills

8.  Assessment

9.  Interprofessional Education/Patient-Centered Care

10.  Evaluation of Course Content



Platform: Users must first purchase a site license to access the various courses. It is highly encouraged you talk with an ECU representative from the Institute for Education in Healthcare Professions before purchasing to ensure you meet the minimal system requirements and have technical support at your institution that can support course content delivery.

Language: English